BSH team members at work
BSH Logo superimposed on a modern kitchen

Working Here

BSH stands for attractive career opportunities. We regard our company as a global network supported by open dialog between different people from different cultures. Our forward-looking personnel development and continuous qualification measures enable our employees to make the most of their potential. We strive to promote from within, facilitate movement throughout the organization, and support internal growth and career development of our employees.

We focus on diversity and equal opportunity. To further expand our leading market position, we consciously foster and promote internationally diverse teams. Part of our global talent management strategy is to identify and develop employees with the potential for an international career.

BSH stands for sustainable added value. Our entrepreneurial activities are directed towards profitable growth, sustainable increases in value and the long-term safeguarding of BSH as a company. Our goal for the coming decade is to grow faster than the global market. It is our long-term ambition to remain the industry benchmark when it comes to generating enterprise value. When you join BSH, you become part of an organization that has a long history of financial strength, stability, and growth.
When I interviewed with BSH, I saw a company looking to invest in young employees not for a period of time... but for a lifetime.
Amanda Pegg